About Us

Platypus Dreams is your source for fun & playful animal hats and knit wear all designed and made in the USA. We believe you can still wear silly hats and be a productive member of society at the same time!

Started in 2001 in Austin, Texas by Kathy Bateman, Platypus Dreams has at times included other designers & knitters who share her focus on knitting for the entertainment of all humanity. Currently the menagerie includes Lisa Woof, Kate Laura and Kathy, of course.

About Kathy Bateman

Lead Designer and Founder of Platypus Dreams. Kathy enjoys the relaxation of knitting and the challenge of creating new designs. By day she works and teaches knitting classes at Hill Country Weavers. By night she entertains her baby daughter, husband & bunnies. Fellow knitters can find Kathy and Platypus Dreams on Ravelry as platypusdreams.

About Lisa Woof

An obsessed “crafty” person, Lisa not only knits, but also crochets, sews, embroiders, spins her own yarn, and can do some wicked yoga moves. All of this activity provides hours of amusement for her cat, Freya. Her freelance work (non-commissioned) is sold under the name Elle Novak.

About Kate Laura

Coming soon!

Why “Platypus Dreams”?

We get this question a lot! Kathy read an article in Discover magazine called “Platypus Dreams.” Platypuses display the same types of brain activity during REM sleep that newborn humans do. So if you can figure out if newborn humans dream then you’ll know whether platypuses dream and visa versa. Certainly an interesting thing to consider. Besides, platypuses are odd and amusing creatures.